About Us

Kids Music Parents Love

 Here Comes Trouble performs irresistibly catchy songs that kids love...that parents end up loving, too!  Hey, we're parents - we get it!  We wouldn't write or perform anything that we wouldn't want to listen to. No Wiggles Allowed.

Musically Diverse and Sophisticated

Yep, that's right!  We are trained conservatory musicians that firmly believe that music shouldn't be watered down for little ears.  We play all types of music - jazz, rock, country, hip-hop, you name it.  We're a musical smorgasbord!  Members include:

Kelly Donohue - vocals, master songstress

Jon Babu - drums, wearer of silly hats

Julie Kearney - vocals, goddess of high notes

Patrick Halley - guitar, shredder of strings

Jacob Chmara - bass, resident chatterbox

Clever Word Play

Did we mention we're also a bunch of lawyers by day?  We love big words!  We use cool words in our kids music like





That's right - our vocabulary rocks, too!